By Peter Collin

The simpler English simple Dictionary" is designed specially for straightforward and pre-intermediate scholars of English. It contains the fundamental vocabulary had to comprehend and examine written and spoken English at this point, and is especially valuable for college kids taking the initial English try (PET) or the major English attempt (KET) assessments. transparent notes on grammar, abnormal verbs and simply burdened phrases, in addition to pronunciations for all entries make this a precious relief to scholars of English."

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To start to be seen ć A ship appeared through the fog. 2. to seem to be or do something [~(that)] ć She apappear | peared rather cross. ć There appears to be a mistake. ć He appears to have forgotten the time. ć It appears that they didn’t receive the invitation. 3. to play a part in a film or play or take part in a TV programme [~in/~on] ć She appears regularly in shows on TV. ቢ appearance /ə pərəns/ noun 1. the way that someone or something looks ć You could tell from his appearance that he had been sleeping rough.

NOTE: You argue with archetype ample of something archipelago / ɑ k pelə əυ/ (plural archipelagos or archipelagoes) noun a group of islands ቤ architect / ɑ ktekt/ noun a person who designs buildings ቤ architecture / ɑ ktektʃə/ noun the design of buildings archive / ɑ kav/ noun 1. an organised collection of documents 2. a place where archives are kept 3. a copy of computer files stored on tape or disk archives / ɑ kavz/ plural noun a collection of documents archway / ɑ tʃwe/ noun a passage which goes under an arch arctic / ɑ ktk / adj 1.

Not exactly ć It will cost around £200. ć Around sixty people came to the meeting. í adv 1. in various places ć Papers were lying around all over the floor. ć The restaurants were all full, so we walked around for some time. 2. in a position that is fairly near ć We try not to talk about it when she’s around. ć It’s the only arms race army aroma | aromatherapy | aromatic | arose | around | | food shop around. 3. in existence ć She’s one of the best eye surgeons around. ć The new coins have been around for some weeks now.

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