By Friedrich Paulsen, Professor, Dr. Jens Waschke

Sobotta - Atlas of Human Anatomy with on-line entry: the examination atlas for figuring out, studying, and coaching anatomy The English-language Sobotta Atlas with Latin nomenclature is in particular tailored to the wishes of preclinical scientific scholars. correct from the beginning, the booklet and the net content material pay attention to exam-relevant wisdom. the recent learn thought simplifies learning-understanding-training: Descriptive legends support the coed establish crucial gains within the figures. medical examples current anatomical information in a much broader context. All illustrations were optimized, and the lettering lowered to a minimal. an extra e-book containing a hundred tables on muscular tissues and nerves helps systematic research. quantity 1 "General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal method" comprises the subsequent themes: * common Anatomy* Trunk* top Extremity* decrease Extremity entry to the Sobotta site enhances your own examination practise with extra contents - perfect for printing and taking alongside: * picture database: All Sobotta figures together with the figures of the former version in excessive answer. *Exam coach:For chosen, exam-relevant figures nomenclatures may be matched by way of drag & drop and evaluated instantly. *Diss2go:Figures correct for dissection could be published and brought alongside to the dissection path. extra suggestions support to prevent blunders in the course of dissection.

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Xiphoideus stemi). Muscles The muscles of the abdominal wall are voluntary, like those of the extremities. Muscles are classified into two major groups: muscles acting exclusively on the abdominal wall and muscles of the extremities (arising from the abdominal wall and acting on the shoulder girdle and 40 the extremities). According to their location and function, the muscles of the wall of the trunk form four major groups: the autochthonous muscles of the back, muscles of the lateral and ventral wall of the trunk.

PolyntrurofM'hy resembles a clinical scenario in which many nerves ere affected. ,, ,,,............ iCWIH<4anf~ Th6 IWitl& <* ellh.. . , ... , « . Gllfl'l. Wii .... , . . . . 'nw~l'lln'OUJ~OWlllibttGC tw WI~ llfiiW1I'O' W •OfN~flr'ldil\ ........... w~htrwk ~ Hn. u. QIII'I- (#I,flbMti)1Jrllit~tll1*t*- H ..... rt (llljjJII'W. 'nw ~ *-ld lmlkt .... ,, ...... ,. _. ,~llth& ....... OII'I&~l . Ir. 'Thtti ..............................

D CT analoaram afd~nt structuru Clf 1fle abdoman and palvil (Yolun'HH'endlring technlqua, VR1l darlvld fram muHidltectar CT tectlont. g. 64-lines volume spirsl multilayer CT) provides new dimensions and indications for CT diagnostics and guarsntees minimal dosage exposure for patients. CT angiogrsphy is based on the same multilayer CT technology. In a 34 blood vessel, the region of interest is scanned during fast intravenous injection of a iodine-contsining substance to increase contrast of the struc1ure.

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