By S. J. Snooks MD, FRCS, R. F. M. Wood MD, FRCS (auth.)

Safe surgical procedure is based upon cautious dissection and transparent id of important constructions. wisdom of the suitable anatomy and anatomical relatives is for this reason crucial, not just in the course of surgical education, yet because the cornerstone of surgical perform. the purpose of this booklet is to explain the basic anatomical foundation of more than a few universal methods as a rule and vascular surgical procedure. The large-format multi-volume texts on operative surgical procedure, regardless of their undoubted excellence, are actually too pricey for person buy. Single-volume books on operative surgical procedure were not able to commit enough consciousness to anatomical aspect and the health care professional is left ploughing via anatomy texts, usually failing to discover illustrations which display basically the beneficial properties which are very important in an operative dissection. the current textual content highlights good points of the operations that are very important anatomically whereas now not trying to provide a whole description of the operative approach. a mix of line diagrams and go sections has been used to supply the topographical aspect. the quantity is aimed customarily at surgeons in education, to assist them on a day-to­ day foundation and to supply a textual content so that it will be helpful in revising for put up­ graduate examinations in surgical procedure. it's also was hoping that the publication may be of use to practicing surgeons, supplying a simple technique of highlighting vital anatomical features of the systems they practice rather occasionally. 1989 S.J.S.

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A). • When the mucosa is incised the circular pale muscle of the intemal anal sphincter should be identified so that it is not accidentally incised, excised or transfixed when ligating the base of the haemorrhoids (fig. b). 51 Perianal Sepsis, Abscess and Fistulae Supralevalor space ~ '-..... r- - - - - - nerves (blanches of pudendal nerve) External anal sphincter muscle IschIOrectal ossa Internal anal splllncier muscle DenOles circumferen al spread of InfectIon FIG. A Coronal section of the anorectal region showing ways of spread of infection and the develop· ment of fistulae.

47 Stomas Transverse defunctioning colostomy o o End colostomy Loop or end ileostomy Lateral space through which small bowel may pass and strangulate Right colon Taenia coli FIG. A Transverse ileostomy and sites. -".. Lateral abdominal wall FIG. 8 colostomy, Descending colon and colostomy site. , y ~ Afferent limb Terminal ileum FIG. C Descen~ J colon Sigmoid mesentery sutured to lateral abdominal wall parietal peritoneum J Loop ileostomy FIG. D Coronal section A'A through the abdomen to demonstrate closing the lateral space.

The floor is formed predominantly by the free edge of the inguinal ligament. The spermatic cord extends from the deep inguinal ring to the posterosuperior border of the testicle. It is bounded by the external spermatic fascia, cremaster muscle and the intemal spermatic fascia, which are derived from the external oblique aponeurosis, internal oblique muscle and the transversalis fascia respectively. These layers surround the vas deferens and its vessels. The testicular artery rises from the abdominal aorta, lies anteriorly on the vas and is often covered by spermatic veins.

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