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13. ciliated all over, The cilia and with a vibrating membrane appear to be continued under the skin as rods (as in the species figured in 9a). FIGURE 14. A dark brown ciliate, with cilia all over the body. It is elliptical in No form, with the poles produced into rounded processes. direction of organs could be seen. As it travels along in the at the FIGURE 15. same time revolves round An strong setse a single seta mouth its or other long axis it it. marked with longitudinal ridges. There are four at each end, a row of motile setae half-way down one side, and on the same side.

Entirely due to the Bdelloida, of which a dozen species were found. orders there were only one or two members of each family present. In the other Five of the Bdelloids are species previously unknown. Most of the others differ more or less from the types of their species. Only two non-Bdelloids species were recognised (Hydatina senta and Diaschiza tenuior), the others were only assigned to their genera. No Rotifera were found in the sea. have been able to find no record of any species of rotifers found on the Antarctic Continent or on any of the islands which, though lying outside the Antarctic Circle, I possess a polar climate.

27b shows a bit of the reticulate surface more highly magnified. FIGURE 27a. FIGURE 28. is discoid Round vegetable cells, in with green contents, like two dark mass as in four of the cells figured filled in the two cells at the ends of the A few were irregular clusters and strings. of those figured most had a little shrivelled series. ; ; the empty cells were open, as shown Brit Antarct Exped 1907-9. Vol. MURRAY MICROSCOPIC LIFE. 23 25 27 26 ad nat. 27 fe 1. Plate Vlll. PART III ANTARCTIC KOTIFERA BY JAMES MURRAY AMONG the Rotifera were most conspicuous.

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