By Warren W. Burggren (editor), Brian R. McMahon (editor)

Curiosity in land crabs has burgeoned as biologists have more and more serious about the evolution of terrestriality. prior to the book of this quantity in 1988, there have been no unmarried accomplished resource of data to serve biologists drawn to the various elements of terrestrial decapod crustacean. Biology of the Land Crabs was once the 1st synthesis of modern and fashioned findings on brachyuran and anomuran crustaceans that experience advanced various levels of variation for all times on land. Chapters by way of best researchers take a coordinated evolutionary and comparative method of systematics and evolution, ecology, behaviour, replica, progress and molting, ion and water stability, respiratory and flow, and energetics and locomotion. every one discusses how terrestrial species became tailored from ancestral freshwater or marine varieties. With its large bibliography and entire index, together with the ordinary historical past of approximately 80 species of brachyuran and anomuran crabs, Biology of the Land Crabs will stay a useful reference for researchers and complicated scholars.

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Subcylindrica Stimpson, however, has overcome this restriction. It occurs in the Gulf of Mexico, where it is found in arid environments subject to hypersaline conditions. U. subcylindrica lives supratidally and may be found near ephemeral ponds up to 35 km from tidal water (Thurman, 1984; Rabalais and Cameron, 1985a). 5 m deep, though the groundwater may be highly hypersaline (Thurman, 1984). The reason that this species can live so far from the sea is that they produce large eggs, which hatch into nonfeeding larvae with an abbreviated development.

However, on Aldabra C. rotundum occurs in much drier areas, so some species can be less dependent on water (Alexander, 1976). , 1978). Nevertheless, both C. carnifex (Alexander, 1976) and C. guanhumi (Gifford, 1962b) can withstand prolonged immersion in seawater. Cardisoma is able to extract water from damp substrates by the suction of capillary water (Bliss, 1968; Wolcott, 1984), but its normal habitat suggests that regular immersion in water is also required. ii. Epigrapsus. Two species occur, confined to the Indo-Pacific (Fig.

There has recently been a revision of the status of various species: G. quadratus is now considered a synonym of G. lateralis (Turkay, 1973a); G. weileri has been distinguished from G. lagostoma (Turkay, 1973b). Thus earlier accounts of distribution are misleading. The genus is separated into two subgenera, Gecarcinus and Johngarthia (Turkay, 1970). G. ). Florida, Bahamas, the Antilles. G. (Gecarcinus) lateralis (Freminville). Bermuda, Antilles, Florida, and the east coast of Central America to Guyana, west coast of America from Mexico to Peru.

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