By Lucjan Pawlowski, etc.

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Water Scarcity in the Mediterranean: Perspectives Under Global Change

Water shortage impacts hydrologic assets, structures connectivity, biodiversity, water caliber, and river environment functioning. It has direct affects on monetary sectors that use and depend upon water, reminiscent of agriculture, tourism, undefined, power and delivery. The Mediterranean Basin is without doubt one of the areas on this planet such a lot prone to weather alterations, in addition to some of the most impacted by way of human water call for.

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In the past decade considerable work and advances in the field of enzyme immobilization have been reported [20--21 ] . The range of research on the immobilization of living cells appears to be less imposing. Out of five already developed techniques, viz: (1) enzyme membrane reactors, (2) enzyme gel-layer membrane reactors, (3) membrane segregated enzyme reactors, (4) membrane bound enzyme in continuous flow systems, and (5) whole cells entrapment in capillary membranes, only the last one deals with living cells as a catalyst.

J. M. Brown (1976), Linearity vs non linearity of dose - response for radiation cardnogenesis, Health Physics, 31, 231. 3. P. C. Elwood (1984), Abuses of epidemiology in environmental research, Environ. Contamination Intern-Conference, London. 4. F. Fisher, and J. Vernon (1984), Environmental Management and reconciling interests Concerns, IPRE Symposium, BNSSelS. and 5. V. Hasselblad, J. P. Creason, and W. P. C. 6. W. Lowrance (1976), Of acceptable risk: Science and the determination of safety.

First and second order correlations between these variables were computed before and after correction for age in both sexes. T h e mean of the blood lead in the examined group was 211 pg/l against a mean of 132 pg/l in a comparable group of chiltlren in Liege (Sartor, 1985). We can see clearly on t h e graph (Fig. 2) that t h e partial correlations are significant only between t h e lead body-burden indicators and not between those indicators ant1 anaemia. In this last case, even the sense of t h e correlation is not constant; it could thus show that t h e determinant factor of the FEP decrease is missing in many studies relating FEP decrease t o blood lead toxicity, in this case for example, insufficient bio-availability of serum iron, as already stated by Van Pethegem (1979).

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