By M. Tomlinson, T. E. Rummery, D. F. Torgerson, and A. G. Wikjord (Eds.)

content material: Fluid fuels : the chemists' challenge / Peter J. Dyne --
customers for coal conversion in Canada / N. Berkowitz --
The AOSTRA position in constructing strength from Alberta oil sands / R.D. Humphreys --
Microemulsions as a potential device for tertiary oil restoration / Jacques E. Desnoyers, Rejean Beaudoin, Gerald Perron, and Genevieve Roux --
Desulfurization of fossil fuels / J.B. Hyne --
The relation of surfactant houses to the extraction of bitumen from Athabasca tar sand by means of a solvent-aqueous-surfactant procedure / Donald F. Gerson, J.E. Zajic, and M.D. Ouchi --
Laboratory simulation of in-situ coal gasification / M. Greenfeld --
Mesophase improvement in the course of thermal hydrogenation of an oxidized bituminous coal / okay. Belinko, M. Ternan, and B.N. Nandi --
Methane construction from manure / H.M. Lapp --
Liquid fuels from carbonates by means of a microbial approach / Morris Wayman and Mary Whiteley --
power of biomass to replacement for petroleum in Canada / C.R. Phillips, D.L. Granatstein, and M.A. Wheatley --
capability for biomass usage in Canada / Ralph Overend --
fabric and effort balances within the construction of ethanol from wooden / Morris Wayman, Jairo H. Lora, and Edmund Gulbinas --
Photochemical points of solar power conversion and garage / James R. Bolton --
Photoelectrolysis of aqueous options to hydrogen : an method of solar power garage / Frank R. Smith --
Electrochemically codeposited large-area photoelectrodes for changing sun to electricity / B. Lionel Funt, Marzio Leban, and Alden Sherwood --
Electrochemical strength garage platforms : at the collection of electrolytes for high-energy density garage batteries / E.J. Casey and M.A. Klochko --
Fuels cells : their improvement and power / man Bélanger --
Chemical developments within the nuclear energy / S.R. Hatcher --
Chemistry for millennia : chemistry study subject matters for long term retention of radioactive wastes deep underground / M. Tomlinson.

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