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9) Shielding, isolation, and containment design features, including access limitations. (10) Administrative, normal, abnormal, and emergency operating procedures for the facility. (11) Purpose and operation of radiation monitoring systems, including alarms and survey equipment. (12) Radiological safety principles and procedures. (13) Procedures and equipment available for handling and disposal of radioactive materials and effluents. (14) Principles of heat transfer thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

6 months). g. 24 months). In a few Member States only one reexamination is permitted. If the candidate fails the second attempt, he/she may not reapply. If the failure is on a reauthorization examination, the individual is usually immediately removed from the job and remediation training and a reexamination process similar to the above example is followed. In some Member States, failure of an individual to pass a reauthorization examination is viewed by the regulatory body as a possible problem with the NPP continuing training programme, and may be the cause for review and evaluation of the entire NPP continuing training programme by the regulatory body.

Many Member States provided copies of relevant documents separately from the questionnaire and these are included in the Annex III, Part 5, listing of contents on the accompanying CD-ROM. This information was also in used in the development of various sections of this publication and reviewed to identify relevant examples that have subsequently been incorporated in this publication. 7. Summary of the tables concerning simulator based authorization examinations for CR personnel The IAEA Technical Working Group on Nuclear Power Plant Personnel Training and Qualification suggested the development and distribution of the survey (Annex II) on Member States practices on the use of simulator based authorization examinations for main control room personnel.

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