By John Haugeland

The concept that human pondering and desktop computing are "radically a similar" presents the crucial subject for this marvelously lucid and witty ebook on what synthetic intelligence is all approximately. even though awarded solely in nontechnical

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So a nother charming line has watchful Providence i ntervening helpfully on each "occasion " when mind and matter would interact, if only they could . For instance, that hammer doesn 't really affect me (my mind) at a l l ; but God alertly creates for me exactly the excruciation my thumb nerves signa l - a nd then bravely forms on my carnal lips those colorful words I no sooner in­ tend than regret . EPIPHENOME NALIS M : Here ' s one for agnostics. The universe is a superbly engineered machine, ticking and whirring smoothly, with everythihg complete and in order.

Today it seems so obvious that physical laws can be equations thiJt we for�et the inte llectual leap required copyngntea Malenai 31 The Saga of the Modem Mind to conceive such a thing. ) established that, using geometry. Inventing analytic geometry was Descartes's first great step; his second step essentially redefined the field of ma thematics. He explaills the basic idea in a semi-biographical passage in his Dis­ course on Method: Still, I had no intention of trying to learn all the particular sciences commonly called mathematics.

Isn't Zelda the manipulator of her own thoughts, and doesn 't she understand them as well as anybody? No! That cannot possibly be right. Zelda's thoughts and understandings are the symbols being mallipu lated; if tHiiYffl}ht8 tMcHenID anipulations also requires H 41 Tile Saga of the Modem Milld t h ough ts and understandings, t hen t h ese l atter thoughts and under s t a ndi n g s must be distinct from Zelda's. The point of the computational theory is to ra tional m a n i p u l a t i ons explaill Zelda's thinking in terms of of her t ho ug h t symbols Her thi n ki n g can­ .

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