By Christian Cantrell

As Earth's skill to aid human existence diminishes, the worldwide house business enterprise is shaped with a unmarried mandate: shield humanity from extinction by means of colonizing the sun process. Venus, being virtually an analogous mass as Earth, is selected over Mars as humanity's first everlasting steppingstone into the universe. Arik Ockley is a part of the 1st iteration to be born and raised off-Earth. After a complicated twist of fate, Arik wakes as much as locate that his spouse is 3 months pregnant. because the colony's environmental structures can't competently aid any raises in inhabitants, Arik instantly resumes his paintings on AP, or synthetic photosynthesis, which will retailer the lifetime of his unborn baby. Arik's new and frantic learn uncovers startling truths in regards to the planet, and concerning the distorted fact the founders of the colony have built for Arik's complete iteration. every thing Arik has ever recognized is named into query, and he needs to determine the appropriate direction for himself, his spouse, and his unborn daughter.

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But it wasn't until the 1970's and 80's that planetary exploration began in earnest. The Americans achieved the first flybys of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus, and got the first photos of the surface of Mars along with a rudimentary soil sample. The Russians, apparently preferring harsher environments, focused on Venus, achieving the first Venusian orbit, and even successfully landing a few very robust spacecraft on the surface. In 1981, Venera 13 managed some pictures, a soil sample, and even the first sound recording on another world before being destroyed after 127 minutes by the immense heat and atmospheric pressure.

Arik's words weren't spiteful, and he wasn't being intentionally irreverent; he was simply stating a relevant fact. "Tell us what components you think we already have," Zorion said. "First of all, we're not talking about building a two-way system. We obviously already have the launch sites, vehicles, and the knowledge and experience to get from Earth to Venus. Second, we're not even talking about getting from Venus to Earth. We just have to get from Venus to the Moon since we already have a proven system for getting back and forth between the Moon and Earth.

Nguyen corrected. " Darien looked at the doctor, then back at Arik. "Your mother really wanted to be here when you woke up," Darien said, but he didn't finish the sentence. He gave his son another sympathetic smile instead, then quickly turned his attention back to the doctor. " "As soon as he can talk. " "It's impossible to say right now. We're no longer restricting his movements, so he should be fully mobile again in a day or two. The question is how much brain damage he suffered. As you know, we had to remove some lesioned tissue, but the brain is an amazingly resilient and adaptable organ.

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