By Tatsuo Sato (ed.), Toshifumi Iizuka (ed.)

It is key to understand the entire elaborate lymph pathways while appearing surgical procedure for esophageal melanoma so that it will verify the level of lymph node metastasis. Professor Sato has undertaken, on the request of the TNM learn Committee of the overseas Society for ailments of the Esophagus, to map out and classify the lymph nodes of the mediastinum and neck. the gorgeous paintings within the Color Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for Esophageal Cancer edited via Professor Sato offers a great realizing of the lymph node pathways and their significance in surgery. Minute dissections which characterize genuine lifestyles occasions, not only the superficial pathways, exhibit the fitting place and topographical association of the lymphatics. Full-color schematics are given with the particular dissection illustrations and images. The atlas basically provides the class of 4 major pathways and their verbal exchange, the connection of those pathways en path to the venous angles and the definition and evaluation of the main serious nodes. Thoracic surgeons specifically will enjoy the first-class illustrations of surgical innovations and the equipment for recording the dissected lymph nodes that are offered via Professor Kakegawa. prime specialists battling esophageal melanoma with surgery can use the type during this impressive atlas for a few years to come back as a regular for foreign comparability. The cautious dissection of the lymph nodes could be the top strategy to enhance survival premiums after surgical procedure for melanoma of the thoracic esophagus.

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The cervical viscera with the carotid sheath have been pulled anteriorly to show the lower part of the thick septum mentioned above. The right brachiocephalic vein has been shifted laterally, showing the right paratracheal area between this vein and the brachiocephalic trunk. Two large collecting lymph vessels leading to the venous angle can be seen (green arrows). The lower, and more superficial vessel which arises from the paratracheal nodes at the level of the brachiocephalic venous angle ascends along the lateral flank of the brachiocephalic trunk and arches behind the vagus nerve and over the subclavian artery, with no relation to the septum mentioned above.

14-16 This is a series of photographs showing the actual dissection view of the fascial connection between the visceral and prevertebral fasciae via the carotid sheath. Fig. 14 This is a photograph of a transverse section of specimen 4. The larynx has been pulled toward the front allowing view of the loose connective tissue between the pharynx and the cervical vertebral column. Fig. 13. Transverse section diagram of the neck muscles and fasciae Fig. 14. Loose connective tissue in the retropharyngeal space (specimen 4, male) Illustrations and Photographs Stemohyold.

These are two adjacent right paratracheal nodes, one in front of and one to the side of the trachea (pre- and paratracheal nodes). Note the numerous superficial vessels which run anterior to the right brachiocephalic vein from these nodes to the sapraclavicular nodes. Fig. 22 In this deeper dissection than that shown in the previous figure, the brachiocephalic trunk and an autonomic cardiac nerve (formed by the union of branches of the vagus and sympathetic nerve) have been reflected cranially and pinned (red and yellow pins) allowing view of the right recurrent laryngeal nerve and its surrounding connective tissue.

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