By Aldo Covello

This quantity offers a finished survey by means of foreign specialists of modern advancements within the box of nuclear constitution. either experimental and theoretical matters are lined. at the experimental facet, the most recent learn and the envisaged advancements within the most crucial laboratories, the place radioactive ion beams can be found, are reviewed intimately. at the theoretical facet, a few of the ways to a primary concept of nuclear constitution ranging from the nucleon-nucleon interplay are mentioned, going from few-body platforms, the place "ab initio" calculations are attainable, to complicated nuclei, the place the shell version performs a key function. result of present experimental and theoretical experiences on unique nuclei also are provided.

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Based on the technique of fragment-induced spin polarization, many ground-state nuclear moments have been determined so far. In addition to the studies of nuclear structure through electromagnetic moments, p decay, P-7 spectroscopy, and material science studies would be conducted based on spin-related research techniques such as P-NMR and y-PADIPAC. - 20 5 . Summary The RIBF project is in progress in RIKEN, in which the cascade acceleration with cyclotrons including three new ones, fRC, IRC, and SRC, boosts beam energies up to E = 400A and 350A MeV for lighter- (A 5 40) and heavier-mass ions, respectively, over the whole range of atomic number.

A. PETERS, H. SCHEITJ, A. SCHILLER, and M. st Lansing, M I 48824 J. A. E. FINCK Department of Physics, Central Michigan Unzverszty, M t . Pleasant, M I 48859 J. HINNEFELD Department of Physics d Astronomy, IUSB, South Bend, I N 46634 R. HOWES Department of Physics, Marquette University, Mdwaukee, W I 53201 B. LUTHER Department of Physzcs, Concordia College, Moorhead, M N 56562 T h e two-proton knockout reaction 9Be(26Ne,"02p) was used t o explore exIn 230a state a t an excitation energy cited unbound states of 230and 240.

Recent experi~ents measuring the B(E2) values by Coulomb excitation of n-rich Ge [19] at WRIBF and Zn isotopes at EX-ISOLDE could provide the first direct spectroscopic information on the shell closure at N=50. These results together with the analysis based on the standard nuclear shell model suggests the strengthening of the 36 N=50 shell gap towards 78Ni. These results seem to agree with the newest binding energy data discussed earlier in connection with the mass measurements of neutron-rich nuclei near N=50.

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