By Diane Carey

Captain Sisko and the Deep area 9 staff needs to have the opportunity to shut down the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant prior to the complete Federation is enslaved by way of the kingdom.

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Accepting a nod of encouragement from Garak, Sisko shook off depression's web and started acting like a soldier. He rushed to the ship's bridge and, to the apparent relief of his bridge crew, took the command deck. Did they think he wasn't going to show up? Maybe he'd need counseling for a couple of hours to get over this? Not likely. But now wasn't the time to fight, either. The Defiant and Martok's bird-of-prey alone couldn't take on a hundred Dominion ships. Instead, Defiant and the Klingons dodged through the station's pylons, racking off enough shots at the attacking fleet to keep from being obliterated right away themselves.

This is the Defiant. We're the only crew with extended experience fighting both the Cardassians and the Jem Hadar. The Defiant is the only ship that's taken damage from both enemies and has been shored up to stand against both types of assault. We're spread thin for technical service personnel. If I can be acting science officer as much as possible, someone else won't have to be pulled off a critical assignment and Dax is free to navigate and handle tactical. After all, Garak... " "You're a tailor.

Should he give them the details? Names, ships, images to which they might cling in the coming hard times? Should he describe how the Starfleet patrollers Centaur and Majestic had skirted all the sentry ships at Torros Three and stormed the shipyards without backup, trying to cover each other like two seed pods spinning in a light breeze? No--these people needed their own victory stories. He had to give them time to make some before praising the actions of others when all these before him felt so helpless.

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