By Nils Lid Hjort, Chris Holmes, Peter Müller, Stephen G. Walker

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Xn ) are exchangeable, the same description applies to any Xi given Xj , j = 1, . . , i − 1, i + 1, . . , n. This procedure, studied in Blackwell and MacQueen (1973), is known as the generalized P´olya urn scheme. This will turn out to have a key role in the development of Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) procedures for latent variables sampled from a Dirichlet process, as in Dirichlet mixtures discussed shortly. Because of ties in the above description, the number of distinct observations, the total number of fresh draws from G including the first, is generally much smaller than n.

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At the risk of being less than perfectly precise, we shall prefer somewhat informal statements and informal arguments leading to these results. An area which we do not attempt to cover is that of Bayesian survival analysis, where several interesting priors have been constructed and consistency and rate of convergence results have been derived. We refer readers to Ghosh and Ramamoorthi (2003) and Ghosal and van der Vaart (2010) as general references for all topics discussed in this chapter. f. is completely arbitrary.

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