By Bob Mayer

E-book 1 of 6 of the Atlantis Series

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"What if the Shadow that destroyed Atlantis 10,000 years in the past, comes again to threaten our current international? A battle past time. An enemy past area. A mystery past your wildest goals. 3 components at the Earth's floor defy rationalization: the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Sea of Japan, and a small quarter of Cambodia. within those nation-states, planes have disappeared, ships have vanished, and, in Cambodia, a complete civilization has been misplaced forsaking Angkor Wat. In 1945, education Flight 19 disappears within the Bermuda Triangle.

In 1963, the USS Thresher, a nuclear submarine, is misplaced below strange situations, a part of a mystery executive research into mysterious gates.

Near the tip of of the Vietnam warfare, eco-friendly Beret Eric Dane led a crew of operatives deep into Cambodia and encountered an odd fog close to the mythical urban of Angkor Kol Ker. His whole staff disappears, attacked through unknown creatures out of the fog. purely Dane survives to come back. Now a aircraft is going down. In...

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Saga 024

Factor 24, October 29 2014

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We almost ran them down on the way in. Though we were fairly barrelling through the tunnels at the time. ’ Kadijk sensed Mallaby was flicking back mentally through the events. ‘They took us immediately to the Aykers corpse, and brought us on through to this area. Which was the point we made contact with you. ’ ‘The boys have found Osram. Apparently, the corpse looks worse than the two we found in here, sir. ’ he said. ’ ‘Then let’s pack up and ship out. ’ Once she had saluted and moved off, he pulled out his personal communicator.

If we are unfortunate enough to encounter this animal,’ the Doctor said, ‘we may be able to distract or frighten it with these matches. ’ At this point he produced a second lit match and presented it to her with a flourish. ’ She accepted the match from him, and was surprised to feel it was cylindrical and smooth between her thumb and forefinger. Then the Doctor took her other hand, steering her carefully over the corpse. He was pointing his torch back down the tunnel so that it did not illuminate the remains.

She said he was just upset because he’d forgotten about her, and someone else had seen her home. John had slunk off during the row. She told herself later that she hated boys who smoked. She told Melissa and Shobu in Year 9 that John was a rotten kisser. She also thought about how her mum held her hand in Regent Street when they went shopping for party clothes when she was thirteen – thirteen, for heaven’s sake – her grip firm and possessive as she steered her daughter through the traffic. Sam snuggled up to the velvet of the Doctor’s coat on her own shoulders.

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