By N. V. Belov, E. N. Belova (auth.), A. A. Chernov (eds.)

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E,: " , ": 4o~··. te • . ~.. : .. '. ·.. . -............ ' :' " • ".... ';~ ..... -. '. , \tI. ~ ~.. ;I. I ,,~ bG , '~ ' . :~? ~: ;'~"'::~~,:;! Q'OI ...... ~ :: I..... • . :. :: . e. ~:. 45 . ' '. ,0 " ....... :........ Fig.!. Selective nucleation of gold at various composite active centers in an NaCI crystal after exposure to gamma rays at supersaturations decreasing from left to right. Gold decoration of NaCI doped with divalent metals such as lead or cadmium reveals that there are double electrical layers at the interface [4, 5], as Frenkel' predicted [6] and which was subsequently discussed by Lyakhovek [7] and Lifshits and Geguzin [8].

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