By Michael A. Dopita, Ralph S.

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Consider a general statement of the problem. 28), a classical optimization problem can be formulated as follows: it is required to find a vector α0 ∈ Rα , where Rα is a given set of parameters, such that J1 (α0 ) ≥ J(α), α ∈ Rα , Y (t, α0 ) ∈ MY . 60) Solution of the problem ensures optimality of the system only for α = α0 . 61) where ∆α is parameters fluctuation belonging to a region ∆Rα , which depends on α0 in the general case. 60) by Y (t, α + ∆α) ∈ MY where ∆α ∈ ∆Rα . 63) where ∆Y (t, α) = Y (t, α0 +∆α)−Y (t, α0 ) is the relevant additional motion.

Nevertheless, for finite-dimensional systems we presented sufficient conditions for existence of sensitivity functions and general equations for their determination. Moreover, the relation between the error of the n-th approximation and sensitivity functions of n + 1-th order has been established. 74) i=1 which is very useful for investigation of general properties of additional motion. 21) in a closed interval Jα : α1 ≤ α ≤ α2 . Let α = α0 be some fixed base value of the parameter from the interval Jα , and Y (t, α0 ) be the corresponding solution.

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