Chapter 1 Molecular mechanics and conformation (pages 1–47): A. Y. Meyer
Chapter 2 Diamagnetic behaviour of compounds containing carbon–halogen bonds (pages 49–74): R. R. Gupta
Chapter three The mass spectra of azides and halides (pages 75–106): Jack M. Miller and Timothy R. B. Jones
Chapter four Nuclear quadrupole resonance of carbon?bonded halogens (pages 107–159): E. A. C. Lucken
Chapter five 1,2?Dehalogenations and similar reactions (pages 161–201): Enrico Baciocchi
Chapter 6 Electrochemical oxidation, relief and formation of the C?X bond — direct and oblique strategies (pages 203–286): James Y. Becker
Chapter 7 Pyrolysis of aryl azides (pages 287–320): L. ok. Dyall
Chapter eight Vinyl, aryl and acyl azides (pages 321–368): Harold W. Moore and Dorothy M. Goldish
Chapter nine fresh advances within the radiation chemistry of halocarbons (pages 369–403): Abraham Horowitz
Chapter 10 natural chemistry of astatine (pages 405–440): Klara Berei and Laszlo Vasaros
Chapter eleven optimistic halogen compounds (pages 441–480): A. Foucaud
Chapter 12 points of the chemistry of halophenols and halodienones (pages 481–548): Judith M. Brittain and Peter B. D. De los angeles Mare
Chapter thirteen ??Halogenated imines (pages 549–601): Norbert De Kimpe and Roland Verhe
Chapter 14 Fluorocarbons (pages 603–655): B. E. Smart
Chapter 15 Xenon halide halogenations (pages 657–679): Marko Zupan
Chapter sixteen The SRN1 response of natural halides (pages 681–701): Robert okay. Norris
Chapter 17 Reactions regarding strong natural halides (pages 703–719): E. Hadjoudis
Chapter 18 Hypervalent halogen compounds (pages 721–811): Gerald F. Koser
Chapter 19 Synthesis and reactivity of ??halogenated ketones (pages 813–931): Roland Verhe and Norbert De Kimpe

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to express my indebtedness to Professor N. L. Allinger who has introduced me to, and guided my way about, molecular mechanics. XII. REFERENCES J. P. Lowe, Prog. Phys. Org. , 6 , 1 (1968). H. Booth, Prog. , 5, 149 (1969); p. 318. E. Wyn-Jones and R. A. , 5, 205 (1970). J. Trotter in The Chemistry o f t h e Carbon-Halogen Bond (Ed. S . Patai), Part 1, Wiley, London, 1973, p. 49. 5. R. Shaw in The Chemistry of ihe Carbon-Halogen Bond (Ed. S . , 1973, p. 1049. 6. A. Yokozeki and S.

The first two cases in Table 9 illustrate the dictum that 'solvation stabilizes better the conformer of higher dipole moment'. In the third molecule (tram-1 ,Cdichlorocyclohexane) both conformers are devoid of dipole moment but solvation has still a sizeable outcome. All three cases illustrate the dictum that 'the effect of solvent increases with its polarity'. In consequence, the dipole moment of a solute would generally increase on going from a less polar to a more polar solvent - i f several conformations that differ in dipole moment are allowable.

S. Vijayalakshmi and P. R. , 17, 341 (1971). 150. R. A. Scott and H. A. Scheraga, J. Chem. , 45, 2091 (1966). 151. S. Acevedo and K. Bowden, JCS Cliem. , 608 (1977). 152. R. B. Hermann,J. A m . Chern. , 91,3152 (1969). 153. J. Bovill, D. J. Chadwick, I. 0. Sutherland and D. Watkin,JCS Perkin 2, 1529 (1980). 154. R. B. Hermann,J. Org. , 27, 441 (1962). 155. E. A. Jauregui, M. R. Estrada, L. S. Mayorga and G. M. Ciuffo, J. Mol. , 54, 257 (1979). 156. G. L. Henderson, J. Phys. , 83, 856 (1979). 157.

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