By Andre Norton

Stumbling upon an deserted send, Captain Jellico and the staff of the sunlight Queen grab the prize and declare the proper to salvage the derelict vessel, in basic terms to turn into the objectives of a mystery alien hijacking ring out to sabotage their declare.

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General com incoming," he said. Jellico gave a single nod. " Ya tabbed a key, and this time the voice that filled the bridge was a peculiar one, reedy the kind of voice, Rael thought, a violin would have were it to speak. "Welcome, Terrans of vessel Solar Queen, to the cylome graced with the cognomen The Garden of Harmonious Exchange. You will find here representatives of many worlds, far systems and near, conducting their important trade in perfect amity, hosted by three races, the Kanddoyd, the Shver, and the Terrans.

With the start Flindyk gave us on the process, as the captain said, this is cut-and-dried work. You'll need all the time we have to secure a good cargo. " "Good enough, then," Van Ryke said. "Speaking of which, I ought to be about my business. The sooner I get started on those hours of flowery talk the better. " He gave Dane a smile that the apprentice cargo master knew was meant to be reassuring, rose, and moved at a sedate pace down the concourse. Dane sighed. He knew he had the easier job which would be the more embarrassing if he failed.

And here I had my leave time all planned out…" "Cheer up," Jasper said. " Ali waved him off, turned, and all three noticed Jellico sitting behind them. The captain repressed the urge to smile at the variety of expressions on their faces, each characteristic of its owner. Dane, of course, looked abashed. Ali grinned, hiding his surprise behind a mask of amused indifference. Jasper Weeks nodded respectfully, his shy gaze dropping to his hands. Rael Cofort, of course, smiled with her customary maddeningly enigmatic control.

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