By James Axler

A mysterious message concerning the long-lost dealer takes Ryan Cawdor and the Armorer on a deadly odyssey to the Pacific Northwest, whereas Krysty Wroth and the remainder of the warrior survivalists face off opposed to enemies out to smash their weakened staff.

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During the first five hours of their journey, they hadn't seen a single living person, seen hardly any living creatures. , who'd been out on top of the turret at that point. There'd been the ubiquitous coyotes, always looking as though they had some important and rather dubious business to transact, slinking along at an easy lope, devouring the miles, dodging the fragile balls of tumbleweed. They'd only once given the vehicle a sideways glance, then carried on and ignored it. Once a massive mutie rattler had coiled itself across the highway, only a hundred yards in front of the armored wag, whipping its fifteen feet of speckled brightness out of the way at the last moment, its angry rattle clearly audible above the roar of the engine.

The old man ruffled the boy's hair. "Not quite, young man. Rather something that eats you, but let that pass. " Ryan stooped to hug his son. "Look after things," he said. " "Don't worry, Dad. " "We'll all be fine," Mildred added, standing on tiptoe to kiss Ryan on both cheeks. B. " "So did we," Krysty said. " The slightly built figure nodded to everyone, the light sparkling and dancing off the polished lenses of his glasses. Jak was leaning against one of the uprights at the front of the long veranda.

Don't suppose you fried up enough breakfast for anyone else, did you, lover? " Doc rose and bowed. "I would deem it an honor to be allowed to go and cook some" Krysty laughed. "No, thanks, Doc. Best wait until everyone else is up and around. B. appeared, wiping his wire-rimmed spectacles on a length of clean linen cloth. "Weather tastes good," he said. "Fresh northerly. , one hand resting on his arm. She was stocky in build, with her hair knotted into tiny beaded plaits. Like Doc, Mildred came from another time.

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