By Philip Walling

Lengthy ahead of we have been a kingdom of shopkeepers, Britain was once a state of sheep. jam-packed with tales, background, minutiae and humour, Counting Sheep explores Britain via its so much influential animal.

Sheep are the thread that runs in the course of the historical past of the English nation-state. Our fortunes have been as soon as based on sheep, and this e-book tells a narrative of wool and cash and historical past, of retailers and farmers and shepherds, of English yeomen and the way they acquired their freedom, and certainly, of the soil. Sheep have helped outline our tradition and topography, impacting on every little thing from accessory and idiom, structure, roads and waterways, to social development and wealth.

With his eye for the idiosyncratic, Philip meets the local breeds that thrive during this state; he tells tales approximately each one breed, meets their shepherds and proprietors, learns approximately their prior - and confronts the current realities of sheep farming. alongside the way in which, Philip meets the folks of the nation-state and their many professions: the mole-catchers, the stick-makers, the tobacco-twisters and clog-wrights. He explores this artisan historical past as he re-discovers the nation-state, and reveals a way of life parallel to trendy life, suffering to stay unchanged - and at its center, continually sheep.

'Jacobs are yet one more breed speculated to have swum ashore from a wrecked send, this time a Spanish galleon in 1588. those have been gentlemen's sheep, and advertisement farmers will be disdainful in their being saved as adorns with out main issue for revenue. To their mild vendors they have been residing garden mowers that bred their very own replacements and wanted no gasoline. yet to a operating farmer they have been (and nonetheless are) little larger than goats, and a damned nuisance.'
~ from Counting Sheep

Philip Walling has written a desirable and carefully stress-free account of this shared history... after studying this ebook you'll examine a sheep, or a roast lamb, or a tweed jacket, with the glimmerings of a brand new appreciation.' (Angus Clarke the days 2014-04-05)

Delightful ... Counting Sheep merits its position at the bookshelf of any lover of the nation-state. (Horatio Clare day-by-day Telegraph 2014-04-12)

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