By John Wagner, Christopher Fall, Eric Marland, John Tyson

This textbook presents an advent to dynamic modeling in molecular telephone biology, taking a computational and intuitive strategy. particular illustrations, examples, and routines are integrated in the course of the textual content. Appendices containing mathematical and computational recommendations are supplied as a reference software.

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Suggestions for Further Reading At the end of each chapter will be listed several sources for further reading, together with short descriptions. Because Chapter 1 serves as an introduction to the whole book, we have listed here several sources that might serve as companions to the whole book. Because of their applicability to more than one chapter, those listed here may be listed again later. • Modeling Dynamic Phenomena in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Lee Segel. A great place to start for a more mathematical treatment of some of the contents of this book (Segel 1984).

3 The Role of Mathematics The scope of mathematical techniques employed to investigate problems in mathematical biology spans almost all of applied mathematics. The modeling of processes is discussed in detail here, but only the basics of the mathematics and the elementary tools for the analysis of these models are introduced. Rigorous mathematics plays at least three important roles in the computational modeling of cell biology. One role is in the development of the techniques and algorithms that make up the tools of numerical analysis.

Because phase portrait diagrams will be used extensively in the remainder of the text, it would be a useful digression to review that material now. 2 Introduction to Numerical Packages While it is important to understand the limitations of whichever numerical algorithm is used for the solution of a problem, fortunately it is not necessary to face the task of implementing these algorithms on a computer from scratch. Several excellent software programs have been developed that not only solve ODEs, but represent solutions graphically and allow their dynamical properties to be analyzed.

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