By B. Ganananda Nanayakkara

Color Atlas of Human Anatomy - Head and Neck is designed to supply an figuring out of the human head and neck quarter for undergraduate and submit graduate scholars in medication and Allied healthiness Sciences. it's a sensible consultant within the dissection theater to spread the placement and kinfolk of the buildings of the top and neck. regardless of many Anatomical Atlases presently on hand, there seemed to be a necessity for an Atlas which compliments the Cunnighams handbook of sensible Anatomy, that's commonly approved around the world as a regular anatomy textual content. This Atlas used to be conceived with the purpose of pleasant that desire. color Atlas of Human Anatomy - Head and Neck follows the Cunninghams handbook of functional Anatomy (Volume 3). It includes sequential photos taken at numerous phases of dissection of the top and neck sector. accordingly the pictures let part via facet comparability with anatomical constructions encountered throughout the dissections. during this manner, we are hoping to bridge the distance among description of the textual content e-book and what scholars see within the cadavers. All photos are thoroughly categorized for the benefit of scholars comprehension and id of salient anatomical positive factors on dissected specimens. Specimens are classified allowing scholars to hold out self-testing in their wisdom.

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