By Reinhard F. Hüttl, K. Bellmann

This quantity summarises the results of an interdisciplinary examine programme entitled `Rehabilitation of the ambience of the hot States of Germany - results on Terrestrial Ecosystems'. ahead of the unification of Germany, emission a great deal of SO2 and mud debris have been as much as 18-fold larger in East than in West Germany. besides the fact that, emission charges have reduced considerably due to the fact that reunification in 1990, as a result breakdown of a giant variety of business and especially lignite- fired powerplants and the implementation of unpolluted air applied sciences. which will research the consequences of those dramatic alterations in atmospheric chemistry on terrestrial ecosystems, finished box reviews have been performed in pine wooded area ecosystems alongside an old gradient of atmospheric deposition premiums within the northeastern lowlands of Germany. the short and dramatic aid of dirt particle and SO2 emissions deals a distinct chance to check the function of SO2 and alkaline particle deposition with reference to adjustments or harm to woodland ecosystems and no matter if the wooded area stands go back to a nation of resilience. during this appreciate, this surroundings test should be seemed upon as a roof scan with no roof.

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W. 5,0 . , . - - - - - - - - 1 4,0 +---i ~ ,; 3,0 CJl 2: 2,0 ::J U 1,0 0,0 '93 (current) '92 (1 yr) '91 (2 yr) Figure 12. Cu contents of the three needle age classes of Scots pine trees from the three experimental sites. 10. F Huttl Cadmium, lead The analytical data presented here were obtained from unwashed needle samples so they do not allow for a differentiation between heavy metals deposited at the outer surface of the needles and heavy metals absorbed. The Pb as well as the Cd contents (Figure 13) do not indicate extremely high uptake or deposition rates of these elements.

1995). Still, the question remained open whether observed sol--s variations in pine needles were the result of the impact of S02 taken up via stomata, or was it possibly an indirect effect of different sol--s deposition dissolved in throughfall (Figure la) which affected significantly different sol--s contents in the humus layer (Table 5). Between 1993- 1995 the SOJ--S contents in the humus layer of the highly SOrpolluted sites Taura and Rosa showed a significant decrease. At all sites, the organic sulphur fraction represents more than 90% of total sulphur.

Further investigations are needed in this field to clarify the role of soil-borne sulfate in the soil-plant relationship. The Ca soil stores at Rosa, also extremely high as a consequence of massive dust deposition (Figure 10), supply sufficient cations accompanying the solleached from the upper soil. Thus a strongly accelerating soil acidification is not to be expected for the time being. At Taura, in 1994, high S-amounts were also leached from the upper soil horizons (which is also documented by needle analyses data in Figure 5).

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