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Real existence scientific situations for the elemental sciences and USMLE Step 1

''This convenient little textual content has every little thing you must evaluation gross anatomy...[It's] excellent for first-years simply beginning anatomy, second-years getting ready for the forums, and 3rd- and fourth-years going over their anatomy for his or her surgical procedure rotations.''--Kathleen M. Donahue, 3rd yr clinical pupil, Midwestern University/Arizona collage of Osteopathic Medicine

''Learning on a cadaver is helping you realize anatomy in 3D; Case documents: Anatomy may also help that anatomy and the way you will use it in genuine scientific practice.''--Brad Miller, type of 2006, Weill scientific university of Cornell University

You want publicity to scientific situations with a view to cross path checks and ace the USMLE Step 1--and this ebook offers precisely that. It provides fifty three real-life medical circumstances that illustrate crucial recommendations in gross anatomy. every one case contains an easy-to-understand dialogue correlated to key simple technological know-how techniques, definitions of keyword phrases, anatomy pearls, and USMLE-style overview questions. With this interactive process you are going to learn rather than memorize.


  • 53 medical circumstances, each one with USMLE-style questions
  • Clinical pearls spotlight key strategies
  • Primer on the best way to procedure scientific difficulties and imagine like a physician
  • Proven studying method improves your shelf examination scores

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CASE 3 A 23-year-old male reports that he was playing “hoops” with friends from college, tripped as he was driving to the basket, and fell on his outstretched right hand with the palm down. Two days later, he phoned his anatomist father and related that his right wrist was painful. Later that day, he visited his father who noted that the wrist was slightly swollen, tender, but without deformity. He instructed his son to extend the right thumb, thereby accentuating the anatomical “snuff box,” which is extremely tender to deep palpation.

A radiograph is negative for a fracture, but the head of the humerus is superimposed on the neck of the scapula. ◆ What is the most likely diagnosis? ◆ What is the most likely nerve injured? 38 CASE FILES: ANATOMY ANSWERS TO CASE 5: SHOULDER DISLOCATION Summary: A 17-year-old football player’s left arm was outstretched and hit with some force. He has shoulder pain, and his arm hangs down his side with external rotation. There is no fracture, and the humeral head is superimposed on the scapular neck.

The lateral end of the clavicle articulates with the acromion of the scapula to form the acromioclavicular joint. An incomplete articular disc is present within this synovial joint. A thin, loose capsule surrounds the acromioclavicular joint, which is reinforced superiorly by an acromioclavicular ligament, but its chief strength and support is derived from the trapezoid and conoid ligaments, which together form the coracoclavicular ligament. The articulation of the glenoid cavity on the neck of the scapula with the head of the humerus forms the glenohumeral joint.

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