By R. Krebs (auth.), Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Albrecht Fleckenstein, Professor Cornelius Van Breemen D.V.M., Ph.D., Professor Dr. Rainer Gross, Professor Dr. Friedrich Hoffmeister (eds.)

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Bottom row: Cumulative distribution of latency to first opening. \NN'l~ _'1M' "M ,,'. ,l1li"" '01"'#. ,S,. ,ltl'fu ... ,,~ .. 10 - - z'" ~ '" w ""'''' t"~", ~, 1 _ ~'lf(\JI4""'" "". tfI"~ I- ,..... ,'\... ~ _ 4 U -. Ii" ,,,,.. pAL_ 20 ... ,.. . " ..... ". ~==---_. -- -- -- ~1 ..... t/A ..... ""''''' ... ~ ...... d Fig. II. Effect of nitrendipine on the activity of a single Ca channel. s for consecutive sweeps plotted against time, in the absence of drug (a), and in the presence of 5 I-lM nitrendipine (b).

The rows show averaged current records (first row), distributions of open times (second row), closed times between openings (third row), and cumulative distributions of the latency to first opening (fourth row). Smooth curves in panels d and e are single exponentials (the fits ignore the first bin of the histogram data). Smooth curves in panels f-i are sums of two exponentials. Fits were obtained by minimizing chi-square, with the use of a computer program kindly provided by Dr. R. S. Kass. Same patch as in Fig.

Fleckenstein A (1983) Calcium antagonism in heart and smooth muscle - Experimental facts and therapeutic prospects. Wiley, New York Chichester Brisbane Toronto Singapore 6. Fleckenstein A, Kammermeier H, Doring HJ, Freund HJ (1967) Zum Wirkungsmechanismus neuartiger Koronardilatatoren mit gleichzeitig Sauerstoff-einsparenden Myokard-Effekten, Prenylamin und Iproveratril. Z Kreislaufforsch 56:716-744, 839-853 7. Fleckenstein A, Spah F (1981/82) Excitation-contraction uncoupling in cardiac muscle.

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