By Voltaire

This version is written in English. notwithstanding, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of Candide. This variation will be helpful in the event you

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Mention: 提到, 提及. obedient: 顺从, 顺从的. obligations: 责任. prefer: 比较喜欢, 喜欢. priest: 牧师, 祭司. pulling: 拉. reception: 招待, 招待会, 欢迎, 接收, 接待. recruits: 新兵. swore: 立誓. trickle: 滴流. vineyard: 葡萄园. warm: 暖, 暖和, 温暖, 热烈, 温暖的. " cried he, "I have killed my old master, my friend, my brotherin-law. " Cacambo, who had seen many of this kind of adventures, was not discouraged. He stripped the Baron of his Jesuit's habit and put it upon Candide, then gave him the dead man's three-cornered cap and made him mount on horseback.

Detest: 憎恨, 嫌, 憎恶. disgrace: 耻辱. divert: 使转向, 转移. escape: 逃走, 逃之夭夭, 逃跑, 逃 避, 逃脱, 逃离, 逃亡. fortunes: 命运. hug: 紧抱, 拥抱. intrigues: 阴谋. misery: 不幸. namely: 即, 亦即. nobleman: 贵族, 君子. perpetual: 永久, 永恒的. persist: 坚持. professor: 教授. remembrance: 记忆, 纪念, 回忆. ridiculous: 荒谬, 荒谬的, 岂有此理, 可笑的. serpent: 蛇. sieges: 围攻. stories: 故事. strive: 努力, 奋斗. sufferings: 疾苦, 痛苦. traverse: 横过. voluntarily: 自愿地, 自动地. "% Chinese Simplified cursed: 可恶的, 被诅咒的. existence: 存在. leave: 别离, 动身, 离开, 起身. passenger: 乘客, 旅客. story: 故事, 报导.

Fault: 故障, 过失, 缺点, 毛病, 断 层, 短处, 缺陷. grace: 优雅, 恩典, 天恩, 魅力, 宽 限. haughtiness: 傲气. imperious: 专横的. lie: 谎言, 谎话, 躺, 撒谎, 说谎. permit: 容许, 允许, 许可. pride: 自豪, 骄傲. proceed: 进行, 继续进行, 着手, 前 进. purity: 清洁, 纯度, 纯洁. retire: 退休. sarcastic: 讽刺的. stalked: 茎. strained: 紧张, 紧张的. twirling: 旋转. unshaken: 不动摇的. " While the old woman was thus haranguing, with all the prudence that old age and experience furnish, a small bark entered the harbor, in which was an alcayde and his alguazils. % The old woman rightly guessed that the Franciscan with the long sleeves, was the person who had taken Miss Cunegonde's money and jewels, while they and Candide were at Badajoz, in their flight from Lisbon.

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