By Editors: Ernesto Carafoli and Marisa Brini

Authors spotlight numerous promising discoveries within the box of calcium signaling that supply new information regarding either genetic and purchased pathologies. Their discussions provide you with new insights into the underlying motives of congenital and purchased illnesses and element tips to new, much more promising examine and treatments.

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With few exceptions, very little is known on the properties of these (putative) calpains other than the sequence homology to conventional calpains (Dear and Boehm, 1999) (Dear and Boehm, 2001). The inclusion in the family is based on the sequence similarity with domain II of m- and -calpains. , 1992), C. elegans (12 isoforms), fungi/yeast (2 isoforms), Trypanosoma brucei (5 isoforms). A membrane intrinsic calpain has been identified in a variety of plants. These calpain-like genes produce proteins with widely divergent properties, which can be grouped in 11 “typical calpains”, having a domain structure similar to the 80 kDa subunit of m- or -calpain, and 27 “atypical calpains” that lack the calmodulin-like EF-sequences in domain IV.

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