By M. Grönefeld (auth.), George C. Hadjipanayis (eds.)

Bonded magnets are the quickest turning out to be area within the whole marketplace for magnetic fabrics. Their nice merits lie within the low cost net-shape production approach permitting the fulfillment of advanced geometries and their isotropic magnetic houses. power items have greater than quadrupled in recent times, too. The individuals to this quantity current the present and destiny prestige of bonded magnets, together with overall global construction and distribution, the markets concerned, and the prestige of present and destiny functions. present novel processing suggestions are defined and new advancements mentioned, together with powder construction concepts, jet casting/melt spinning, atomization and DDDR approaches. the different sorts of bonded magnets reviewed contain isotropic and anisotropic neodymium-iron-boron, nanocomposites, Sm-Fe interstitial nitrides, Sm-Co and ferrites.

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It has also been pointed out that one of the main differences between HDDR processed Nd2Fet4B and Sm2Fe17 is that in the former there are three constituents after disproportionation whereas there are only two in the latter [15]. This work elucidates how texture in the recombined powder is generated by analysing crystallographic relationships between parent, disproportionated and recombined phases. It also describes how texture is effected by the processing parameters, most importantly the hydrogen pressure and dwell times during disproportionation and recombination.

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