By Robert Doherty

Ultimately, we'll examine the reality approximately humankind’s origins... yet can we actually need to know?The Ark of the Covenant...Excalibur...The Holy Grail... eventually, the world’s mythical artifacts were unearthed, their mystery powers published. Now, because the destiny of Earth hangs within the stability, people and extraterrestrial beings race for keep an eye on of the ultimate mystery: the site of the alien mothership--our final most sensible probability for survival. For quarter fifty one commander Mike Turcotte, the stakes are better than ever...because the key lies buried within the repressed reminiscence of his former love, Lisa Duncan.Still battle-weary from alien wars that killed so much of his region fifty one staff, Mike is thrust right into a ultimate showdown--up opposed to an alien military bent on overall domination. With extraterrestrial beings in ownership of the ultimate alternative Missile codes, nuclear holocaust is a chilling risk. the one bargaining chip is the mothership. For Mike, the questions mount: Can Lisa be relied on in a high-stakes change to avoid wasting the Earth from nuclear meltdown? Is he fighting the true enemy? Or is the genuine enemy inside of? because the countdown starts, one other surprising key's printed. At stake: our species, our destiny, our Earth.

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Where was the ship? The artery gave way, blood poured into Duncan's brain, and the screen went black. As the virus inside the body rebuilt the artery, the blood in the brain was forced through the brain lining and trickled out Duncan's ears, forming a pool under her head, staining her hair. The virus she had been given by the Grail not only worked on repairing the blood vessel, but produced additional blood cells as needed. Garlin waited, the Swarm tentacle freezing him in place. Waiting was something the Swarm was very good at.

The Ancient Enemy. " "I know," Turcotte said. "I saw one of the bodies recovered from Tunguska inside the Section IV archives. " For the second time Aspasia's Shadow appeared surprised. "Interesting. " Turcotte asked. "It tried to destroy Excalibur before," Aspasia's Shadow said. " "To strip the Airlia of their power here, just as you did by getting the sword and taking over the Master Guardian. " "It almost succeeded," Turcotte said. "It appears something survived the Tunguska explosion in 1908.

He was tired of being treated like an ignorant child. " "Which will bring this planet back under the thrall of the Airlia," Aspasia's Shadow said. " Turcotte asked. "Destroyed. And it wasn't very powerful, just enough power to reach the nearest fleet base, which I assume no longer exists. " "If the Airlia still exist," Turcotte said. Aspasia's Shadow laughed. "They've been around much longer than humans will be. " "So you were the traitor, not him," Turcotte said. Aspasia's Shadow had just confirmed Kincaid's suspicions.

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