By Rut Collado, Rüdiger M. Schmelz (auth.), Pilar Rodriguez, Piet F. M. Verdonschot (eds.)

This publication includes 26 contributions facing the biology of aquatic oligochaetes and covers quite a lot of issues together with taxonomy, morphology, ultrastructure, embryology, copy, feeding biology, ecotoxicity, neighborhood reports, and species distribution. Descriptions of recent taxa in tropical parts, together with Amazonian wooded area soils, in addition to overviews at the biodiversity of aquatic oligochaetes in Australia and ecu groundwaters, are offered. New morphological features in either marine and freshwater species are defined and interpreted. Laboratory experiences give a contribution to the data of oligochaete feeding biology and replica. using aquatic oligochaetes in ecological hazard review is analysed intimately, and standardised experimental designs for reviews on bioaccumulation and pollutant move by means of nutrients are integrated. eventually, a few papers current the consequences of oliogochaetes at the functionality of an activated sludge plant, and multivariate methods to the spatial and/or temporal distribution and composition of oligochaete groups in lots of varied components of the area, from the dimensions of a river to the size of the microhabitat. The large scope of this quantity is a mirrored image of modern rends, not just in oligochaete learn, but additionally mostly utilized organic studies.

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Brinkhurst, 2000 . New specie s of Rhynchelmis (Clitellata. Lumbriculidae), with observations on the Nearctic species. Hydrobiologia 428 : I-59. , 1982. Contribution to the knowledge of Oligo chaeta from the lake Baikal. Vest. Cs. spol. zool. 46 : 174-193. , 1984. Two atavistic characters of some Lumbriculidae and their importance for the classification of Oligochaeta. Hydrobiologia 115: 15-17. Janeckc, S. , C. J. VanDcnburn , J. J. Blankenau & J. W. M'Gonigle, 2000 . Long-distance longitudinal transport of gravel across the Cordilleran thrust belt of Montana and Idaho.

Fend I & Daniel L. S. Geological Survey. Menlo Park. California. A. Fax: 6503294463. gov 2Montana State University, Bozeman. A. Key words: Clitellata, Oligochaeta, Lumbriculidae, taxonomy, description Abstract Secubelmis limpida n. , n. gen. A. The monotypic genus resembles the lumbriculid genera Rhynchelmis and Tatriella in having atria in X, spermathecae in VIII , and semi-prosoporous male ducts. It differs from Tatriella in having paired atria and spermathecae, and from Rhynchelmis in having petiolate atria.

18 B pr at f2 at 10 0 1Jl1 10 0 l-lm c mu Figure 4. Secubelmis limpida, photographs. (A) Atrial ampulla and prostate, sag ittal section in XI. (B) Atrial ampulla, posterio r male funnel, and vas deferens in X and XI, sagittal section. (C) Male pore in X, sagittal section. (0) Spermatheca in VIII, transverse section. Additiona l paired sper mat hecae in VII occ urre d in one of the more than 40 mature or partially mat ure spe cime ns. Anot her speci me n had a single spe rmat heca in VIII and ano the r in IX.

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