By M.D., Lynn M. Taussig, M.D. James C. Cunningham

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8. In CF, antibiotics are used to: a. People with CF may have a. Treat severe cases of lung problems with sinusitis. disease. b. Nasal polyps occur in most b. Treat mild exacerbations of people with CF and must be lung disease. surgically removed. c. Work against staph and Pseudomonas. d. Treat lung infections caused by bacteria. c. Sinusitis is rare in people with CF and usually requires surgical treatment. e. Do all of the above. 51 How CF Affects the Body Answers To learn more, turn to the page number shown after the answer.

If weight gain is slow, ask your doctor or dietitian about ways to add calories. Nutritional supplements may help with weight gain. Fats can be good! Fats are calorie-rich and a good source of fuel for growth and development. Do not restrict the amount of fat your child eats. For children with CF, a diet high in fat is good. Good nutrition is vital for health! To stay healthy, children with CF need fats and high-calorie foods. Pancreatic enzyme replacements or “enzymes” Due to the blockage caused by the mucus plug in the pancreatic duct, people with CF must take enzymes before meals.

Poor weight gain c. Stomachache d. Frequent, large, greasy stools e. All of the above symptoms f. None of the above symptoms a. Contact your CF care center to get brand name enzymes. b. Accept the generic and hope it will work well enough. c. Take the enzymes and tell your doctor at your next visit. d. Do not eat as much fat so that you will not need enzymes. 63 How CF Affects the Body Answers To learn more, turn to the page number shown after the answer. 1. C The most common gastrointestinal problem in CF is blockage in the pancreatic duct that prevents digestive enzymes from reaching the small intestine.

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