By Alice E Beetz; Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (Organization)

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IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos (2004) 19. : A Collision-Attack on AES: Combining Side Channel- and Differential-Attack. -J. ) CHES 2004. LNCS, vol. 3156, pp. 163–175. Springer, Heidelberg (2004) 20.

We describe the special properties of all five devices, present the analysis results, and discuss them. 1 Atmel ATMega163 8-Bit Microcontroller on a Smart Card In the first experiment, we measured a programmable smart card with an integrated 8-bit microcontroller. The microcontroller is an ATMega163 from Atmel, which has a reduced instruction set (RISC) architecture. The ATMega163 comprises various features, including internal EEPROM, a serial interface, a Fig. 3. Measurement setup for the Atmel ATMega163 smart card.

Our device under test features a wide range of peripherals like USB, analog-to-digital converters, and several bus standards. None of those peripherals was turned off during the measurements. Thus, the noise level was comparable to an unprotected real-world application. Our development board gave access to the I/O pins of the microcontroller. The measurement at the I/O pins was threefold: output pin set to one, output 2 The control FPGA of the SASEBO board was programmed to forward the serial interface.

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