By Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

This unique paintings seems on the portability, execution potency and programming program innovations of the complex c programming language. Examples are given of the way complex C functions may be moved shape approach to procedure.

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The declaration double (*mtab[10]) (); /* array of ptrs to functions */ makes mtab an array of 10 pointers to functions that return doubles. ) We assign the address of the power function pow () to the first element of the array. The expression (*mtab [0]) (base, power) calls the pow () function with two arguments. The atof () function converts the command line character strings to doubles before we pass them as parameters to pow (). Here's how to compile pow. c and run it. 7053 • The Run Time EnvirOnment • 53 Note that we tell the linker to search the math library (-1m) for pow ().

Unions are like structures, but the compiler allocates only enough space to hold the largest member of the union. Structures and unions have the same syntax. control flow constructs for decisions, loops, and multi way if-else statements evaluate successive expressions until evaluates to nonzero. A switch with a large number of may be more efficient than an equivalent if-else when produces jump tables in assembly code. Arrays may contain • C Refresher • 43 • C provides storage classes so that programs may control where variables reside in the run time environment.

The values of variables inside expression are unaffected. Casts have many applications in C. Perhaps their most valuable use is converting function parameter data types and function return values. In addition, they affect arithmetic conversions and help make programs portable. • 38 Chapter 1 • Suppose, for example, i and j are integers. The statement pow( (double) i, (double) j); calls pow () from the C math library to calculate i to the jth power. The casts convert i and j to the required doubles without affecting their values.

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