By P.M.W. Körvers.

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Thirdly, the degree of focus on contemporary as opposed to historical events has to be established. This research aims at identifying indicators before an accident happens, which needs a research method that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context where the boundaries between phenomenon and context are not clearly evident. Considering these three conditions only one strategy remains acceptable according to Yin (Yin, 1994) that is the case study. However, in respect to process safety, case histories of process safety related accidents are very important in gaining insight in the operational link leading to the accident.

Before the accident, the bearing had overheated on a number of occasions and nearly always broke and had to be replaced. However, the recommendations of the report of the accident investigation were not aimed at preventing the re-occurring overheating issue, but amongst others on improving training procedures for the operators to spot the wrong valve settings and establishing procedures and rules to communicate with the repair firms. The company was fined because the sewer-wells were in a forbidden area, and the escape routes had not been checked and maintained periodically, resulting in the blocked and closed escape doors.

In the research design phase; the approach, the way of collecting data, the way of interpreting the data and the validation of the data are selected. The execution process is the execution of the research design and reporting the results. When you collect data you are in fact beginning to analyse it. Moreover, when you begin analysing it you generate new ideas and thoughts which modify the process. These dynamic modifications cause the process to twist and turn like a kaleidoscope as different patterns emerge.

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