By James Ralph Hanson; et al

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K. Itoh, M. S. Chem. , 1977, 500; reference 3 of this paper should refer to p. 4925 and not p. 492. P. J. R. Nederlof, M. J. Moolenaar, E. R. de Waard, and H. 0. Huisman, Tetrahedron, 1977, 33, 579. A. Musco, J. Mol. Catalysis, 1975/1976,1, 443. cta-2,7-dien-l-ol and 2,7-dimethylocta-l,7-dien-3-ol, or to various acetates depending upon the palladium catalyst/water/acetic acid/C02 . ratio,205 dimerization to (37) exclusively or with accompanying 8-alkoxy-2,7-dimethylocta- 1,6-diene and 3alkoxy-2,7-dimethylocta- 1,7-diene (palladium catalysts-alcohols) (cf.

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