By E. Marani, J.H.R. Schoen

This quantity of Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and cellphone Biology relies on fabric assembled by means of Dr. Jaap H.R. Schoen who was once one of many few neuroanatomists to use the Nauta approach to human fabric. Gaining perception within the results of longitudinal harm to the human spinal wire is critical sooner than reimplantation of the avulsed rootlets or an autologous transplant will be played in guy.

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Here we give the diagram of series H5517 for the picturing of the ml3 component (see Fig. 15). The ischemic lesion interrupts the very coarse third type of internal arcuate fibers (ia3 ) originating from the medial subnucleus of the external cuneate nucleus. Due to the 9-month survival time the degenerating ia3 fibers can clearly be seen traversing the medial reticular formation, the dorsal accessory olive, and the FLM, as well as the homolateral medial lemnicus. After decussation they bend sharply ventrally to take their position at the para-rapheal margin of the opposite lemniscus.

The inclusion of the repagulum in the subnuclei of the lateral reticular nucleus by Braak (1971), therefore, is not justified. In Häggqvist-stained sections the repagulum can be seen to give origin to coarse internal arcuate fibers, which join the medial lemniscus (see under The Medial Lemniscus). From our material it seems unlikely that dorsal column fibers enter the supratrigeminal area and terminate on the repagulum and the promontorium. Spinal projections reach these nuclei through the lateral funiculus and therefore should also be distinguished from dorsal column fibers from the dorsal horn cells, which in laboratory animals were found to terminate in the ventral and rostral parts of the dorsal column nuclei (Rustioni 1973, 1974, 1977; Rustioni and Kaufmann 1977).

In the pontine tegmentum the area of degenerated fibers is located in its ventrolateral corner, bordering the medial aspect of the outgoing roots of the facial and trigeminal nerves, and is roughly quadrangular in shape. The coarse fibers of the ventral spinocerebellar tract can be found ventrally, in between the bundles of trapezoid body fibers and the dorsal most transverse fibers of the pontine pes. In between the area of spinal degeneration and the nuclei of the facial and trigeminal nerves, normal fibers, some of them 24 Spinal Ascending Systems Fig.

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